LuKe/ViPS joint seminar

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (LuKe) and the Viikki Plant Science Centre (ViPS) will hold a joint seminar from 2nd - 3rd December 2019 at the Petäys Lakeland Resort.

Day 1: Monday 2nd December
1030 Arrive Petäys, check in
1100 Introductions
1110-1230 Session 1, Chair: Paula Elomaa
1110 Jaakko Kangasjärvi: Profiling of plant research at the University of Helsinki
1130 Johanna Vilkki: Highlights from Luke's strategy
1150 Kristiina Himanen: Projects at NaPPI facility
1210 Elina Kiviharju: National long term PGRFA collections: conservation, access and sustainable use
1230 Lunch
1330-1500 Session 2, Chair: Teemu Teeri
1330 Katri Kärkkäinen: Role of genomics in forest genetics and tree breeding
1350 Jarkko Hantula: Luke-UH -collaboration on fungal viruses
1410 Hannu Fritze: Reindeer grazing on peatland functioning
1430-1500 Coffee break
1500-1540 Session 3, Chair: Tuuli Haikonen
1500 Alan Schulman: Oat, beans, and barley/Translational Genomics for Field Crops
1520 Marjo Keskitalo: Biodiversity, new crops, products and production technologies
1540 Short break
1550 Alan Schulman: EPSO
1600-1800 Discussion topics in small groups: genome editing; infrastructure; PhD programmes including teaching and students
1800-2000 Sauna, relaxing, free time
2000- Dinner

Day 2: Tuesday 3rd December
0900-1000 Session 3, Chair: Katri Kärkkäinen
0900 Kurt Fagerstedt: Development of lignification in Norway spruce xylem
0920 Teemu Teeri: GenoWood consortium- Genomic Selection: Towards more Efficient, Financially Viable and Resilient Wood Production
0940 Kaisa Nieminen/Juha Immanen: Outer Bark: the Final Frontier between the Plant and Environment/Genetics of Wood and Bark Development
1000-1020 Coffee Break
1020-1140 Session 4, Chair: Alan Schulman
1020 Titta Kotilainen: Plants under different light environments
1040 Timo Hytönen: Woodland strawberry model system for exploring economically important traits in berry crops
1100 Tuuli Haikonen: Prebreeding for disease resistance traits in strawberry and apple
1120 Pauliina Palonen: Climatic sustainability of fruit and berry crops; joint project with HY and Luke
1140-1200 Summing up and future directions
1200-1300 Lunch
1300 Depart Petäys