Associate Members
Associate members (group leaders) are welcome to join the ViPS community from sector research institutes such as LuKe, SYKE and VTT, from stakeholders/companies related to both basic and applied plant sciences, and also from other Universities in Finland.

Associate members should fulfil the following criteria:

  • You have your own research group with PI (principal investigator) status or the equivalent
  • You are the main supervisor of a master’s student and/or doctoral candidate OR you are willing to supervise such students
  • You have/have had in the last three years your own competitive funding
  • You are active in the local and international research communities and are willing to contribute to the ViPS research community

Free form applications can be sent to the ViPS office at any time. The board will process applications on a regular basis.

Jarkko Hantula

Research Professor - Natural Resources Institute Finland (LuKe)

* Forest pathogens

* Mycoviruses

Jarkko's research information

Tuula Larmola

Academy Research Fellow - Natural Resources Institute Finland (LuKe)

* Plant-microbial feedbacks to peatland carbon and nitrogen cycling
* Greenhouse gas exchange in lakes and peatlands

Tuula's research information

Taina Pennanen

Principal Scientist - Natural Resources Institute Finland (LuKe)

* Soil microbiology

* Mycorrhizal fungi

* Soil decomposition

Taina's research information