Publications and doctoral theses

Selected publications

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Doctoral theses

Ollonen, Joni. From embryo to evolution - Identifying the developmental changes underlying snake skull evolution. University of Helsinki (08-03-2024).

Salomies, Lotta. Development and evolution of tooth renewal and dental formula in squamate reptiles. University of Helsinki (13-05-2022).

Macrì, Simone. From locomotor behavior to cerebellum evolution and development in squamate models. University of Helsinki (11-02-2022).

Oliveira da Silva, Filipe. On the origin of snakes based on geometric morphometrics : morphology, paleontology, phylogeny, ecology, and development. University of Helsinki (20-08-2021).

Eymann, Julia. Developmental Growth and Regeneration Processes in Squamate Eyes. University of Helsinki (12-03-2021).