Data Visualization in Corpus Linguistics: Critical Reflections and Future Directions

The twenty-second volume of the Varieng eSeries is published.

The 22nd volume of the Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English eSeries, titled Data Visualization in Corpus Linguistics: Critical Reflections and Future Directions, has been published. Edited by Ole Schützler and Lukas Sönning, it discusses best practices in corpus data visualization. With the quantitative turn in linguistics and an unprecedented supply of statistical procedures and visualization forms, which are nowadays straightforward to implement with open-source software, corpus linguists are facing an overabundance of graph types. While this state of affairs holds out many opportunities both for the individual researcher and for the scientific community, it also necessitates critical reflection and debate about the merits and added value of novel plot types. The volume aims to contribute towards this goal. It addresses the role of graphical techniques for corpus data analysis and presentation by critically reflecting on the state of the art and examining avenues for future practice, supported by the case studies presented in the individual chapters.