Multimodal, implicit , and physiological interaction, technologies for behavior change, wellbeing and healthy ageing. Insights generation, decision making and intelligent visualisations. Proactive recommendations and search.
Mobile Sensor application for treatment of gestational diabetes

The project aims to improve the treatment and monitoring of gestational diabetes by developing a mobile application for measuring the mother’s glucose levels, physical activity, nutrition, pulse and daily weight and storing it in the cloud in real time.  The application will forward the data in real time to health care personnel, who can provide guidance and support as needed. This means that the application is integrated into the care pathway instead of being a separate element, which is its greatest benefit compared to other health applications.

The project is funded by Business Finland in collaboration with HUS, Aalto, Fujitsu and Elisa.

Adaptive Environments and Conversational Agent Based approaches for Healthy Ageing and Work Ability

We coordinate the EU project CO-ADAPT on healthy ageing focusing on AI solutions. Ageing citizen face particular difficulties in remaining active if having reduced capabilities due to age-related conditions and challenges posed by knowledge digitalization, the accessibility of digital channels, digital interfaces and digital socialization. CO-ADAPT proposes a framework that provides principles for a two-way adaptation in support of ageing citizens. 1) Human Adaptation Support: CO-ADAPT empowers ageing citizen to adapt to changed conditions through a personalised Artificial Intelligence (AI) conversational agent providing comprehensive change support based on language and physiological analytics. 2) Work Systems Adaptations: CO-ADAPT defines three types of smart adaptations in work systems with different level of technology sophistication to age thresholds in smart shift scheduling tools, to individual capabilities considering cognitive workload in assembly stations, adaptations to work tasks in contextually recommending people, documents and applications for cognitive augmentation. The consortium includes comprehensively stakeholders and disciplines geared for a participatory design approach, compliance with ethical and data directives, and effective exploitation of results. Project website