Collaborative projects and consortia currently ongoing in the group.
HIRS University Course: Patient Perspectives

HIRS University Course: Patient Perspectives (and Self-efficacy in Cancer Research)

This Open FIMM DPBM course aims to form an educative social environment for knowledge exchange between cancer researchers, biomedicine students and people with cancer experience. Through lectures, reflection groups, and co-creative science & arts exercises, the course aims to include experienced cancer perspectives in the formulation of research ideas.

For additional information: weboodi link

Registration: weboodi (University of Helsinki students), iris.lahdeniemi (at) (for others)

Academy of Finland R’Life

Academy of Finland R'Life project

Through close collaboration with thoracic surgeons Jari Räsänen and Ilkka Ilonen, oncologist Aija Knuuttila, pathologists Mikko Mäyranpää and Kaisa Salmenkivi, and biomedical researchers in our group supported by the functional precision medicine Grand Challenge efforts at FIMM, this project aims to understand how, and whether, we can tailor treatments to the unique tumours of locally-treated lung cancer patients.


Marie Curie CANCERPREV ITN consortium on cancer prevention

Cancer can’t be studied by working in silos. At CANCERPREV, we believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This consortium unites an international group of high-profile epidemiologists, basic cancer biologists and health care professionals, to jointly train a new generation of young researchers on factors that are increasingly recognised as culprits in cancer development across different tissues: hormones, nutrition and inflammation. We will do so over the course of three years (‘20-‘23). At the end of the project, the PhD students involved will be able to have an impact on the future of preventive cancer medicine.

CAN-PRO Research Program

Translational Cancer Medicine Research Program (CAN-PRO)

The CAN-PRO Research Program Unit of the Faculty of Medicine provides a platform for translational discovery that bridges the gap between the fundamental cancer research in the Academic Medical Center Helsinki, and early-stage clinical trials of the Helsinki University Hospital. The team comprises strong expertise of basic and translational researchers from ten research groups, supported by clinical pathologists. With this synergistic expertise, the team aims to achieve the translational goals of CAN-PRO.