Lecturers and Postdoctoral Researchers

Lecturers (senior lecturers and university teachers) and postdoctoral researchers
Marjut Alho, Ph.D.

Marjut Alho teaches German translation. 

The topic of her dissertation was the terminology related to Euro. At the moment, her research focuses on the added value that translations bring to customers and LSP translation. 

Juha Eskelinen, M.A.

Juha Eskelinen is University Teacher of English translation and a Ph.D. student. His research interests focus on translation teaching and learning and the interfaces between translator education and communities of practice of professional translators. He teaches translation courses in the Master's Programme in Translation and Interpreting and some general courses in the Bachelor's Programme in Languages. He also teaches career skills.

Ph.D. research project: At the Interface - Teacher as a Facilitator between Communities of Practices of Professionals and Learners.

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Johan Franzon, Ph.D.

Johan Franzon teaches Swedish and Swedish translation. His doctoral dissertation compared the three Scandinavian translations of the musical My Fair Lady (2009), and he has since pursued his interest in song translation in various directions: different modes of translation for different purposes, history of musical theatre translation, and popular music translation strategies. He is currently the co-editor of the book Song Translation Studies: Lyrics in Context, to be published in 2020.

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Päivi Kuusi, Ph.D.

Päivi Kuusi is Senior Lecturer of Translation Studies. She holds a Ph.D. in Translation Studies (Russian), and her research interests include minority language translation, translator training, literary translation, and translation universals. Currently, Kuusi’s research focuses on the role of translator training in language revitalization, and she participates in the language revitalization project Translation, Revitalization and the Endangered Karelian Language.

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Lieselott Nordman, Ph.D.

Lieselott Nordman is a Senior Lecturer of Swedish Translation.

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Svet­lana Probirskaja, Ph.D.

Svetlana Probirskaja is Senior Lecturer of Finnish-Russian translation. In her earlier research, she specialized in legal translation, and her Ph.D. thesis dealt with bilateral agreements between Russia and Finland. Her recent research interests have included wartime interpreting and translation, and everyday-life interpreting and translation practices. She has combined these two topics in her research project Translational Spaces between Russia and Finland in a Multilingual World, financed by the Kone Foundation. She is currently a Visiting Professor of Russian Translation at the University of Eastern Finland.

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Anne Riippa, Ph.D.

Anne Riippa is Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies.

She studies the translatability of narrative empathy, legal interpreter training in Finland, and the translation of plays from an intercultural perspective. In her post-doctoral research project, she analyzed narrative empathy and focalization in contemporary French literature (Leïla Slimani, Michel Houellebecq), as well as literature as a resource for language learning. In her doctoral dissertation, she studied intertextuality and rewriting of old narratives in the works of three French novelists (Albert Camus, André Gide, and Paul Claudel). Anne Riippa has also a French language teacher certificate (2003) and is a registered legal interpreter (2022).

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Erja Tenhonen-Lightfoot, M.A., Ph. Lic.

Erja Tenhonen-Lightfoot is University Teacher of Interpreting. She has been teaching at the University of Helsinki since 1997 and is also an active interpreter and a interpreting service provider. Her active working languages are Finnish, German, English and Swedish. Russian and Estonian are her passive languages. She holds a Licentiate degree, and her Ph.D. project focuses on Interpretability of criminal court hearings at the District Court of Helsinki at the beginning of the 21st century.

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Stuart D von Wolff, Ph. Lic.

Stuart von Wolff teaches in the Master’s Programme in Translation and Interpreting. His active working languages are English, Finnish, French and German, whilst Hungarian and Swedish are his passive languages. Stuart holds a licentiate degree, and his doctoral research focuses on interpreter and translator training and pedagogy, especially with regard to issues concerning multilingualism and intercultural communication.