Yamnaya Interactions workshop

On April 25-26 the University of Helsinki will host at its Collegium Common Room (Fabianinkatu 24) a significant scientific event, the international workshop Yamnaya Interactions, organized by the ERC funded project YMPACT. The workshop brings together archaeologists from all over Europe and the US.

Fundamental changes in its cultures, societies and people affected the European continent throughout the third millennium BC. This workshop goes back to the likely starting point of all of these changes, the original Yamnaya westwards expansion from c. 3000 BCE. It intends to explore and assess their interactions with contemporary societies near and far; from direct cross-border exchanges, to indirect cultural, societal, economic and ideological transmissions across half of the European continent. In doing so, it will be following two pathways: A southern route focussing on the regions west of the Black Sea, i.e Balkans, Transylvania, Carpathian Basin and Transdanubia; and a northern route, starting northwest of the Black Sea and pursuing the Yamnaya – Globular Amphora – Corded Ware interactions, and following them deep into central and northern Europe. This way, the workshop aims to provide as versatile and comprehensive as currently possible an overview on the Yamnaya interactions in Europe.

Below you can find the line-up and program of the event.