New YMPACT member on board: Elena Sandoval

The YMPACT team warmly welcomes Elena Sandoval as PhD student at the University of Bristol.

Elena Sandoval has just started as a PhD student at the University of Bristol and will mostly be assessing dietary isotopes of Yamnaya burials from southeast Europe. Elena is from the United States, did her BA/BSc in Anthropology at the University of California / Santa Cruz and her MSci in Archaeology at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. She thus has a background in archaeology and bio-anthropology, and did already work with isotopes during her studies. In Bristol, she is being co-supervised by Dr Lucy Cramp from the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology and Dr Melanie Roffet-Salque from the Department of Chemistry.

With Elena, the YMPACT team is now complete, originally planned to have happened but earlier but her appointment had to be delayed by a year due the effects of the Corona pandemic.

Screenshot of Lucy, Volker and Melanie during a break of the Zoom interviews of candidates.