Just released! STEPPE TRANSMISSIONS - the fourth volume of the monograph series 'The Yamnaya Impact on Prehistoric Europe'

The YMPACT project is thrilled to announce the publication of the fourth volume of our monograph series, with the title "STEPPE TRANSMISSIONS" and edited by Bianca Preda-Bălănică and Marja Ahola.
Out now: Steppe transmissions

This volume, the fourth of the ‘Yamnaya Impact on Prehistoric Europe’ Series, represents the proceedings of the session #196 No man travels alone, he takes himself along: Yamnaya transmission and/or transformation during the 3rd millennium BC Europe held at the Budapest EAA Virtual Meeting in 2020. The session was co-organised by the editors of this volume together with colleagues Todor Valchev from the Yambol Regional Historical Museum (Bulgaria) and Piotr Włodarczak from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Cracow branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland). The session aimed to focus on archaeological approaches to material culture and ritual practices to explore how steppe transmissions unfolded during the 3rd millennium BC.

The volume presents the work of 25 researchers from various European countries, Japan, and the United States, united in 11 articles. The themes discussed cover a large portion of the European continent, from the Lower Don steppes in the east to Northern Central Europe in the west, and a time span of approximately two millennia. The research presented opens new perspectives on micro-regional traits, regional particularities, and supra-regional complexities of steppe transmissions in the 4th and 3rd millennia BC.

The book is already available on the Archaeolingua website!

STEPPE TRANSMISSIONS. Edited by Bianca Preda-Bălănică and Marja Ahola. Budapest: Archaeolingua 2023. 324 p. ISBN 978-615-5766-62-6

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The second book has the title "YAMNAYA INTERACTIONS. Proceedings of the International Workshop held in Helsinki, 25–26 April 2019" and is edited by Volker Heyd, Gabriella Kulcsár, and Bianca Preda-Bălănică.

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The third book has the title "Danubian Route of the Yamnaya culture: The barrows of Vojvodina" and is edited by Paweł Jarosz, Jovan Koledin and Piotr Włodarczak.

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