Impressions after the 'The Transformation of Europe in the Third Millennium BC' conference in Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy

The inaugural conference exploring 'The Transformation of Europe in the Third Millennium BC', unfolded over four enriching days, from October 25 to 28, 2023, in Riva del Garda in Trentino, Italy.

The Centro Congressi, nestled on the northern shores of the captivating Lake Garda, played host to a gathering of European scholars, presenting 26 thought-provoking lectures thoughtfully organised into six sessions, each featuring two keynotes.

Amidst the conference discussions, it was rather challenging to remain fully focused given the alluring scenery offered by Riva del Garda, with its narrow meandering streets and lively, colourful buildings inviting visitors to wander aimlessly and discover its charm without the constraints of maps or predetermined paths. Despite being off-season, the terraces still accommodated tourists sipping cocktails while admiring the imposing mountain overseeing the town. Hotel Portici served as a temporary home for many conference participants, providing not only a comfortable stay but also a breath-taking panorama of the lake. Each morning, before the presentations commenced, attendees would steal a few moments to contemplate the beauty of misty autumn mornings, creating a surreal atmosphere.

On Friday, after the conference ended, participants embarked on a journey to the remarkable pile-dwellings archaeological site in Fiavé, a UNESCO heritage site. The road from Riva del Garda to Fiavé offered a memorable experience with its never-ending curves and astonishing views. Upon reaching Fiavé, the impressive landscape and the awe-inspiring archaeological site captivated everyone. The experience was complemented by visiting the reconstruction of an ancient pile-dwelling settlement at the Archaeological Park "Archeo Natura" of Fiavé – Trentino, and the Fiavé Pile-Dwelling Museum where artifacts discovered during the archaeological research of the site are exhibited. The remarkable preservation of wood at this site provides a glimpse into the diverse objects prehistoric communities used, a perspective often missed in typical archaeological excavations.

Upon departure, all conference participants enthusiastically voiced their appreciation for this exceptional experience, declaring that the conference in Riva del Garda was truly one to remember!