Ice-breaker meeting of the YMPACT team

The international and interdisciplinary team working in the ERC funded project "The Yamnaya Impact on Prehistoric Europe" was united for the first time in Helsinki on February 19th, 2019.

This kick-off event brought together archaeologists, geneticians, bioanthropologists, experts in isotope geochemistry, paleoclimatology and soil biology. It was a full day of exciting discussions! The meeting started with the extensive presentation of the project and its main objectives given by Volker Heyd, which, in turn, triggered further dialogue and exchange of ideas. It also enabled all team members to tie in and plan their contribution to the project. Some of the members and local partners of the project who were not able to come to Helsinki in person were also a part of the debate via Skype.

Face-to-face interaction proved to be a fruitful way of identifying new possibilities for connecting the various research fields within the project and making the approach even more interdisciplinary. At the end of the day the first activities, such as coordinating sampling and conducting fieldwork during spring/summer, were organised.


Picture gallery, February 19th 2019