A further Yamnaya burial excavated in Romania

During the past week the team of archaeologists from Prahova County Museum coordinated by our project partner Dr. Alin Frînculeasa carried out rescue excavations in a burial mound at Strejnicu, near Ploieşti. Two burials showing the typical Yamnaya ritual were uncovered in the centre of the mound.

The primary burial contained the skeletal remains of an adult male individual lying supine with the knees initially raised and the arms stretched along the body. His head was oriented towards the west and nearby the right shoulder a small piece of ochre was found. The skeleton seems to be that of an unusually tall man. Later, around the II-III centuries AD the mound was once again used as a set for performing a burial, this time by Sarmatian populations. It was a double burial of an adult and a child and the grave goods consisted of a pot, an iron knife and five ovi-caprine astragali.

We thank our Romanian colleagues for sharing the information and pictures with us!


Picture gallery, excavations in Romania April 2019