Upcoming Events Spring 2019


13.02. InterTran Seminar (Helsinki) | 12:00-16:00h Porthania P545

Sara Kymenvaara, PhD Candidate (Law), UEF: 'The Role of the State in Reducing Transport Emissions'

Harriet Lonka, Postdoctoral Researcher, Legislative Research, UEF: 'Big Data and AI supporting Smart Regulation for Food Safety?'

Niko Soininen, Assistant Professor in Environmental Law, HU: 'Between public and private: adaptive governance for tackling complex environmental problems'


19.03. Second Annual Lecture on International and Maritime Law (Helsinki) | 17:30-20:00h Päärakennus, Konsistorin Sali 2nd floor

Speaker: Dr. Lauri Railas; Comments by Dr. Svante O. Johansson and Herman Ljungberg

Going the Nordic Way, an Alternative to English Hegemony?

Brexit is scheduled to take place on 29 March 2019. It will probably have an immediate impact on dispute settlement. The Nordic countries have recently established their own maritime and offshore arbitration mechanism NOMA. There exist common Nordic marine insurance terms as well as freight forwarding conditions and the maritime and commercial laws are practically identical. The lecture will discuss some common ground of Nordic law and practice such as the role of gross negligence and insuring delay, and whether the Nordic approaches could set a viable alternative to the predominant English ones


25.04. InterTran Law Meeting (Helsinki) | Porthania P545

Presentations by Alexandra Pensar, Tatu Hocksell and Maximilian Huemer


06.06. InterTran Summer Meeting (Turku) | 12:30-15:30h Turku School of Economics

Ida Isoherranen and Anu Bask “Operationalising circular economy business models: a three-level approach”

Sini Laari, Tomi Solakivi, Anu Bask, Lauri Ojala and Juuso Töyli “Unraveling Mickey Mouse: Effect of market and regulatory drivers on sustainability in supply chains”

Max Huemer "Development, Compatibility, and Challenges of the EU Modal Passenger Rights Regulations in the Light of a Possible Measure for Passenger Rights in Multimodal Transport"

Ellen Eftestöl-Wilhelmsson ” The proposed EU regulation on electronic freight transport information”