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Ellen Eftestøl-Wilhelmsson and Anu Bask established the INTERTRAN research group in 2010 as an interdisciplinary research group in transport law & logistics. The two lead the group together with Suvi Sankari, who takes a particular interest in research methods and legal theory. Today the group takes a broad perspective on sustainable business and law and includes researchers from several fields of science, including philosophy, economy and social science. Our research network consists of a number of national and international collaborators.  We also keep close contact with the Finnish business sector, which are represented in the advisory board.

Ellen Eftestøl-Wilhelmsson is Professor of Civil and Commercial Law at the University of Helsinki. She holds a Doctor of Law degree from the University of Oslo and has been granted the title Docent of Civil Law  from the University of Helsinki. She is in charge of the InterTran Research Group for Sustainable Business and Law at the University of Helsinki. In addition she holds a part time position as Adjunct Professor at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, University of Oslo.

Her major subjects are European Commercial Agency Law (dissertation) and International Trade and Transport Law. She has published internationally on these topics. At present she teaches International Carriage of Goods, Nordic and European Contract Law, International Sales Law, Tort Law and International Private Law.  She has previously been teaching Legal Theory and Family Law. Her teaching languages are English, Swedish and Norwegian.

Email: ellen.eftestol-wilhelmsson(at)

Dr. Anu Bask is a Senior Research Fellow at the Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, Finland. Previously she has worked in several positions at the Aalto University School of Business. She serves as Director of logistics and business part of InterTran Research Group, and as Director of the Kataja's Finnish Graduate School of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  She also serves as Senior Associate Editor (SAE) for International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management. 

Her research interests include service supply chains, supply chain relationships, modularity approach in services, sustainable supply chain management and sustainable transport. She has published over twenty-five articles in international refereed journals and a number of other publications. She has been a co-editor of a special issue of the International journal of Operations and Production Management, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management and MarIus Periodical, and a reviewer for several international journals and conferences.  Her research has been published in Service Science, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, International Journal of Services and Operations Management, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, International Journal of Logistics Management, Journal of Transport Geography, among others.

Email: anu.bask(at)

Suvi's research falls within the field of European Law. Her ongoing postdoctoral research project (funded by the Academy of Finland 2016-19) focuses on goods and studies potential concrete legal means - such as COO indications, consumer information, standardisation - for promoting overall welfare in Europe in a global age, and, in a more theoretical sense, (re-)connecting non-cosmopolitan transnational (generative) solidarity to the relationship between the European market and the Market citizen (consumer).

Suvi's prior, and also ongoing, research interests include judicial adjudication in general, in particular the preliminary reference procedure, and especially the legal reasoning of the Court of Justice. Especially how the Court's actions are, as those of any court, facilitated but also constrained by law, moreover, interpretation (both legal interpretation and scholarly (re-)interpretation of judgments) should always allow due consideration for (legal) context. The results of this research are collected in her monograph European Court of Justice Legal Reasoning in Context (Groningen: Europa Law Publishing, 2013).

Suvi Sankari is a member of the research project European Bonds: The Moral Economy of Debt, one founder-member of the newly established Nordic Network of legal empirical scholars ('No-Les-Law', funded by NOS-HS), and collaborates with InterTran Research Group for Sustainable Law and Business and a FiDiPro project on the External Dimension of European Private Law (EDEPL).

She was previously a Postdoctoral researcher of the Many Constitutions of Europe research project and worked (2011-13) in the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence 'The Foundations of European Law and Polity' 2008-2013.

Dr Lucila de Almeida joined the University of Helsinki in January 2017 as a postdoctoral researcher in the Institute of International Economic Law (KATTI) to carry out investigations in the research project ‘Transformation of Private Law Beyond Europe’ with focus on energy markets. She also lectures in the master programme in International Business Law, is a faculty member in the Helsinki Institute for Sustainability Science (HELSUS) and collaborator in the InterTran Research Group for Sustainable Law and Business.

Lucila wrote her PhD thesis while associate researcher in the ERC–ERPL Project on the Foundations of European Private Law at European University Institute (EUI), where she developed the theory on the private law sphere of EU Energy Law. Besides the ERC Grant, Lucila had been a research assistant in projects funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. She has been a member of Editorial Boards of Oxford’s two legal journals—the European Journal of International Law and the International Journal of Constitutional Law—as well as Managing Editor of the European Journal of Legal Studies. She is the author of the entry for “Brazil” in the Encyclopaedia of International Laws on Energy Law (forthcoming in 2018, Kluwer International Law), and co-editor of the book “Sustainable Consumption: The Right to a Healthy Environment” (forthcoming 2018, Springer).

Suvi Hirvonen-Ere is a senior legal, commercial and contract management professional with a multidimensional international background. She is currently fulfilling her long-term ambition of working on a doctoral dissertation, her research topic is Contract Management. Prior to the doctorate programme, Hirvonen-Ere worked for over 15 years in legal, commercial and contract management positions, mainly in leadership roles in global corporations. She holds a Master of Laws degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Helsinki (2000), a Professional of International Business Law diploma from Fintra  (2001), Six Sigma Plus Green Belt Certification (2004), Contract Management Certified Member Accreditation (MCCM. Cert/CCME) from the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (2010), and has passed the Bar Exam of the Finnish Bar Association (2015). Hirvonen-Ere has also accomplished the 2-year Minor Subject in Leadership and Management programme run by the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki (2017). Today, Hirvonen-Ere is a full-time Doctoral Candidate  at the Faculty of Law at the University of Helsinki, as well as a member of the InterTran Research Group for Sustainable Law and Business, and has a double affiliate at HELSUS, the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science. Hirvonen-Ere’s article “Contract Management – hanteringen av kontraktets livscykel” was published in the book “Nordiska Förmögenhetsrättsdagarna 29” by Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law in 2018. Her article “The Way of Business Contracts – How to Promote Sustainability and Incentivize Green Economy via Contract Management” will be published as chapter in the forthcoming book “Sustainable and Efficient Transport: Incentives for Promoting a Green Transport Market” edited by Ellen Eftestöl-Wilhemsson, Anu Bask and Suvi Sankari and published by Edward Elgar Publishing in 2019. Hirvonen-Ere is a frequent speaker in international congresses in Finland and abroad.

Tatu Hocksell is pursuing a PhD in the University of Eastern Finland on the topic of incentivizing negative emission technologies. Tatu works currently in Fortum’s public affairs team in Brussels. Tatu has Master of Laws (University of Helsinki 2019).

Maximilian Huemer completed his Master of Laws degree in International Business Law at the University of Helsinki in 2019. He will continue his studies in Helsinki as a doctoral candidate, writing on the topic of ownership and control policies in air and maritime transport. Maximilian currently works as a Research Assistant for the InterTran Research Group for Sustainable Law and Business. His main research interests are in transport law and consumer law, with a particular focus on sustainable transportation and passenger rights.

Doctoral Candidate, Aalto University School of Business

PhD Candidate (Law), UEF

Dr. Sini Laari is a postdoctoral researcher in the Operations & Supply Chain Management programme of Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku. Her primary field of research is sustainability in supply chains. She teaches sustainability and business games at the undergraduate level and supervises Master's and Doctoral theses.

Sini defended her doctoral thesis on the connection between firm performance and green supply chain management in University of Turku in 2016. After that, she worked 6 months at the Finnish Defence Research Agency focusing on future SCM trends. Since 2017 she has worked as a postdoctoral researcher in University of Turku.

She has published articles in the Journal of Cleaner Production, Business Strategy and the Environment, and Baltic Journal of Management, for example.

Harriet Lonka is a University Researcher at the University of Eastern Finland Law School. Her PhD thesis in the field of legislative studies titles ‘Governmental security strategy work in shaping the legislation’. Harriet also holds Licentiate in Public Administration at the University of Vaasa and M.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy at the University of Helsinki. Harriet has over 20 years working experience as a business director, consultant and senior researcher in the fields of risk management, security studies and geosciences. She has wide international experience in and outside EU and she has been living and working in China and in Hungary. Harriet carried out a Finnpartnership-project in China 2008-2009 and developed a joint venture in the field of renewable energy (biogas) between a Chinese and a Finnish company in 2008-2009. She also negotiated one of the largest combined action CDM projects between Finnish government and a Chinese partner in 2009. Harriet has been visiting scholar at the Peking University in autumn 2017 and Fudan and Guanzhou Universities in 2018.

Harriet’s research interests in the context of InterTran Research Group concentrate especially on China Studies: Comparative studies between EU and Chinese Food Safety Law, especially implementation and potential for collaborative governance, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Regulation, Regulating e-Commerce.

Dr. Lauri Ojala is Professor of Logistics and Chair at the Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, Finland, since 1997. Adjunct Professor of Logistics at Linköping University, Sweden, since 1996, and at National Defence University, Finland, since 2008. He is also Chairman of the Board of logscale oy, a supply chain compliance consultancy.  

His fields of expertise include international logistics, maritime and port economics and transport markets also from a policy-making perspective. Worked as an expert e.g. for The World Bank (WB), European Commission, Asian Development Bank, OECD, UNECE and UNIDO, as well as for Ministries of Transport of several countries. Initiator and co-author of WB’s biennial Logistics Performance Index  since 2007.

Since 2006, Project Director of five EU-projects with a combined volume of 16+ M€, incl. Baltic Sea Region projects HAZARD on Seaport Safety & Security in 2016-2019 and OIL SPILL on combatting coastal oil spills in 2018-2021. He heads also the biennial national Finnish Logistics Surveys since 2006 with up to 2,800 company responses in each; these comprise the largest national logistics survey database in the world; the next report will be published in late 2018.

Mari Pihalehto (Master of Laws 2017, University of Helsinki) is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Helsinki where she is currently working on a research project on secondary financing mechanisms of environmental damages and remediation measures, conducted by the Finnish Environment Institute and the University of Helsinki. She is also a member of HELSUS - Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Studies and the editorial board of HELSUS’ sustainability blog “Voices for Sustainability”.

Tuija von der Pütten is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Helsinki and a member HELSUS (Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Studies). Her research focuses on sustainable investments. She is currently a visiting research fellow at the International Investment Law Centre Cologne (IILCC) and works as a researcher at the German Arbitration Institute (DIS). 

Mervi Rajahonka, D. Sc. (Econ) is a Researcher at the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK and Aalto. She earned her doctoral degree in Logistics from the Department of Information and Service Economy at the Aalto University School of Business. She also holds a Master’s degree in Technology from the Helsinki University of Technology and a Master’s degree in Law from Helsinki University. She serves as postdoctoral researcher in InterTran Research Group. Her research interests include sustainable logistics and supply chain management, service modularity, business models, digitalization, and service innovation. Her research has been published in a number of international refereed journals in the areas of logistics, services, and operations management, among others, Technology Innovation Management Review, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, and International Journal of Logistics Management.

Niko Soininen is an Assistant Professor in Sustainable Law, Regulation and Governance. His research focuses on the regulation and governance of social-ecological systems with a particular emphasis on freshwater and marine systems. In his recent work, he has studied law’s fitness for regulating complex phenomena, such as the ecological condition of fresh and marine waters in a political environment geared towards economic growth. He is a subproject PI in Strategic Research Council funded interdisciplinary project entitled BlueAdapt which studies adaptive governance as a mechanism for reconciling resilience of aquatic ecosystems and sustainable production of energy and food. He is co-editor in chief for the Finnish Environmental Law Review. Outside academia, he has worked as a consultant for HELCOM, the World Bank, and for several ministries responsible for implementing marine environmental law, water law and nature conservation law in Finland.

Dr. Sadaat Ali Yawar is a post-doctoral researcher at Aalto University in the department of Information and Service Management. He holds a MS degree in Environmental Protection and Agriculture Food Production from Hohenheim University in Germany and a MBA in International Business from Kassel University in Germany. He holds PhD in supply chain management from Kassel University, Germany. His areas of research include sustainable purchasing, supply chain management, sustainable supply chain management, global production networks, logistics management and blockchain technology. He has published in top international journals such as Journal of Business Ethics, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management and Journal of Cleaner Production. He is presently working with topics intersecting blockchain, supply chain management and sustainability.

Emilie (Master of Laws 2011, University of Helsinki) is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Helsinki where she is currently working on a PhD on emissions trading at the intersection of climate law and financial markets regulation and the legal architecture of EU’s carbon market. Prior to joining the University of Helsinki in February 2017 she worked several years with innovative climate finance initiatives and emissions trading. Emilie has e.g. worked as legal counsel for the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation’s carbon funds and as legal adviser at the Finnish Energy Authority responsible for the implementation of the European emissions trading scheme in Finland. Emilie is one of the authors of the report “Sectoral expansion of the EU ETS- A Nordic perspective on barriers and solutions to include new sectors in the EU ETS with special focus on road transport” financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Dr. Yihong Zhang is a post-doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki. She completed her doctoral study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her areas of research include Chinese company law, securities regulation, employment law and law and society. She is also a member HELSUS.

Ms Tupuna Manner is a Master of Laws candidate in International Business Law at University of Helsinki. She joined the InterTran Research Group with her research topic in the field of emissions and sustainability of different stakeholders in global maritime transportation systems. She has specific interest in oceans, marine environment and sustainability. She has studied sustainability and climate from both legal and business perspective. Her bachelor's research concerned the EU single-use plastics directive. She is working at Cargotec legal and has previously worked at attorney-at-law firms.

Anu Bask

Senior Research Fellow, Project Director for Logistics and Business, University of Turku

El­len Eft­estøl-Wil­helms­son

Professor of Civil and Commercial Law, University of Helsinki

Lauri Ojala

Professor of Logistics, Turku School of Economics, University of Turku

Mervi Pyökäri

Legal Counsel, Krogerus

Lauri Railas

Adjunct Professor (Docent) in Civil Law, University of Helsinki | Attorney | Average Adjuster in Finland

Mervi Ra­jahonka

Postdoctoral Researcher, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) and Aalto University School of Business

Lena Sisula-Tulokas

Professor in Civil Law, Department of Private Law, University of Helsinki

Ulla von Weis­sen­berg

Partner at Procopé & Hornborg