Nordic Gathering in Maritime Law in Gothenburg 28 - 29 March 2022

On 28-29 March Master and Doctoral students from the Faculty of Law and the INTERTRAN Research Group, both at the University of Helsinki participated in a Nordic Gathering in Maritime Law in Gotheburg.

The gathering was organised by Professor Ellen J. Eftestøl in collaboration with Professor Claes Martinson from Gothenburg University and Sara Tesfai from the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law at the University of Oslo. Students from these universities also attended the gathering, which had approx. 30 participants.

The gathering that entailed a two-day-long seminar on international shipping and legal methodology started with a visit to Stena RoRo where the students after a delicious lunch received a guided tour on the North Sea passenger/cargo ship Stena Jutlandica. After the tour, the CEO of Stena Roro Ms. Per Westling gave a presentation of the company whereas an introduction to a sample of contracts in use was presented by Mr. Robert Alström and Mr. Mathias Kjellberg, both Contract Managers at Stena RoRo as well as Mrs. Ellinor Landberg, Marine Insurance Manager at Stena Rederi AB.

On the second day, the students discussed various issues related to methodology in writing a master or doctoral thesis. Both professors and students gave introductions. The event started of with an inspiring presentation by Professor Claes Martinsson, Gothenburg University, School of Business, Economics and Law. In the afternoon the group visited the Swedish Club and received some very illustrative insights on how one of the world’s few P&I clubs thinks and acts presented by. Claims manager Martin Birgersson and senior claims manager Magnus Johansson.

The intention is that the gathering will be a yearly event.