Invited speakers for day two

Get to know the speakers of day two of the conference!
Catherine Banet

Catherine Banet (PhD) is Professor of Law specialized in Energy Law at the University of Oslo, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, and Head of the Energy and Resources Law Department. She has a background from the private law practice (Norway, France), the European Commission (DG ENV), U.S. diplomatic mission and academia. She has lecturing experience from international universities and is a regular speaker at conferences. She is the author of several books, studies and articles. Her legal research activities focus on energy market design, energy transport infrastructures regulation, renewable energy and notably offshore wind, support schemes and alternative financing models, climate change mitigation measures including carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen regulation. Prof. Banet is one of the four academic directors of the professional LL.M. programme North Sea Energy Law Partnership (NSELP). She is a member of the Academic Advisory Group of the Section on Energy, Environment and Infrastructure Law of the IBA, and Chair of the Board of the Norwegian Energy Law Association. She is Academic Research Fellow at the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE) and affiliated researcher at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute.

Claes Mar­tinsson

Claes Martinson is Professor of Private Law and Excellent teacher at the School of Business, Economics and Law, which is a faculty within the university of Gothenburg, Sweden. He is the holder of the Torsten Pettersson chair in Maritime and transport Law. He manages the Ocean Law Group and the Private Law group at the Department of Law. The Ocean Law Group is a research group doing research in Maritime Law, Transport Law, Law of the Sea and Environmental Law of the Sea, but the group also manages a three semester program in these areas, on the advanced level of the Law Programme in Gothenburg. Claes Martinson has in his research dealt with a rather broad spectrum of themes, but finance, the concept of property and the Nordic approach to legal thinking, has been three recurring aspects. His latest book (Femton förmögenhetsrättsliga forskningsresultat) aims at develop legal research to include a result oriented process, where the knowledge interest and the outcome of the research process defines what the research becomes. The result oriented process opens up legal research to other scientific fields and to cross disciplinary cooperation. One of his ongoing projects is a cross disciplinary study on the regulatory model of the Poseidon Principles. 

Baris Soyer

Professor Soyer is the Director of the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law at Swansea University. He is the author of Warranties in Marine Insurance published by Cavendish Publishing (2001) and Marine Insurance Fraud published by Informa Law (2014). He has also published extensively in elite law journals such as Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, Journal of Business Law, Cambridge Law Journal, Law Quarterly Review, Torts Law Journal and Journal of Contract Law.  His book on Marine Warranties was the joint winner of the Cavendish Book Prize 2001 and was awarded the British Insurance Law Association Charitable Trust Book Prize in 2002, for the best contribution to insurance literature. A third edition of this book was published in 2016. Similarly, his new book on Marine Insurance Fraud was awarded the same BILA Prize in 2015.

He is on the editorial board of the Journal of International Maritime Law, Shipping and Trade Law and editorial committee of the Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly (International Maritime and Commercial Law Yearbook).

He currently teaches Charter Parties and Carriage of Goods by Sea and Marine Insurance on the LLM Programme and also is the director of Commercial, Maritime and International Trade LLM Programmes.

Wouter Ver­heyen

Professor transport mobility and labour law at Antwerp University and academic coordinator of Pharus, the Antwerp legal lab. Verheyen obtained his PhD at KULeuven (2013) and later became assistant and associate professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam and researcher at Odisee UC Brussels. In 2019 Verheyen became research professor at Antwerp University with a research agenda on sustainable platform economy, aimed at reconciling social, economic and environmental sustainability. Verheyen supervises 13 PhDs in this field, working on research projects granted by EU, the Flemish research fund and the University research fund. These projects can be clustered around 1) sustainable platform economy, 2) smart (urban) mobility and sustainable freight transport. In addition, Verheyen advises the federal government on the implementation of legislation allowing for sustainable parcel deliveries. Through Pharus (the University of Antwerp legal lab) he assists companies in solving the legal challenges resulting from sustainable transformations.

Erik Røsæg

Professor of law at the University of Oslo. Works with commercial law in a broad sense, including maritime law. He has been involved in the negotiation of several international instruments in IMO and EU.

Emilie Yliheljo

Emilie Yliheljo is a Doctoral Researcher at University of Helsinki. She is currently writing her PhD on the architecture of the European carbon markets in the intersection of different fields of law.

Tomi Solakivi

Assistant Professor of maritime bussiness and policy at University of Turku. 

He received his doctoral thesis in Operations & Supply Chain Management in 2014 from University of Turku.

His research interest is directed towards two main themes. The first is transportation and transport markets. He has published numerous articles on mode choice and carrier selection –related issues. Recently his research interests and publications has been especially towards maritime transport, in particular on winter and arctic shipping and environmental regulation of maritime transport.

His second research focus is the connection between supply chain management and firm performance, especially logistics costs. He has mainly focused on firm level supply chain practices and firm level performance, but some of his work also consider the national level, and logistics performance of national economies. 

Solakivi has worked as an expert for several Ministries and government agencies such as Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finnish Traffic Agency and Finnish Transport Safety Agency in the field of transport logistics. He has also acted as a consultant for The World Bank. 


Jeanette Andersson

Jeanette Andersson is a researcher at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). Her main legal areas of interest are maritime and transport law, contract law and labor law. She has a background from academia working as a lecturer for many years at Örebro University as well as the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2018 she obtained her PhD on a thesis about ship management contracts. She is currently involved in several research projects on remote driving operations and connected and automated driving.