InterTran Summer Seminar - University of Turku School of Economics

Our last seminar of the academic year took place at the University of Turku, with a number of insightful presentations from both the logistics and law sides of the research group, focusing on topics of supply chain sustainability, circular economy, as well as EU legislative measures in the transport sector.

The meeting was hosted by the Operations and Supply Chain Management group at the Turku School of Economics.

Ida Isoherranen (PhD candidate, Aalto University) presented on the topic of ‘Operationalising circular economy business models: a three-level approach’, elaborating on the implementation processes for sustainable business circular economy models with examples from the clothing industry.

Sini Laari (Postdoctoral researcher, University of Turku) gave a presentation on an upcoming paper titled ‘Unravelling Mickey Mouse: Effects of market and regulatory drivers on sustainability in supply chains’ co-authored by Tomi Solakivi, Anu Bask, Lauri Ojala and Juuso Töyli. The paper analyses, whether the dimensions of sustainability and underlying drivers differ in various tiers of the supply chain. The paper was also presented at the 31st Nordic Logistics Research Network (NOFOMA) Conference in June.

Maximilian Huemer (LL.M. candidate, University of Helsinki) provided some insights on the potential avenues for regulating passenger rights in multimodal transport discussing the difficulties of reconciling a new legal instrument in this regard with the existing EU regulations for mode-specific passenger rights. His presentation was titled ‘Development, Compatibility, and Challenges of the EU Modal Passenger Rights Regulations in the Light of a Possible Measure for Passenger Rights in Multimodal Transport’.

The Seminar concluded with a presentation by our director Prof. Ellen J. Eftestøl on ‘the proposed EU regulation on electronic freight transport information’.