Digitalisation as a tool to enhance sustainability in shipping

5th Lecture on International and Maritime Law

Dr. Simone Lamont-Black (University of Edinburgh)

General Information

The InterTran Research Group for Sustainable Law and Business in collaboration with the Finnish Maritime Law Association (CMI) would like to invite you to the 5th Lecture on International and Maritime Law. This year's lecture will be given by Dr. Simone Lamont-Black (University of Edinburgh) on the topic of 'Digitalisation as a tool to enhance sustainability in shipping'.

Date: 16.03.2023

Time: 17:00-19:00h (including reception)

Venue: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law (Porthania, PIV/Suomen Laki-Sali)

After the lecture there will be some time for questions and answers, and we will have a small reception where wine and snacks will be served.


If you would like to attend the event, please register until 10.03.2023 under the following link:



The presentation will examine the potential of digitisation and digitalisation to contribute to sustainability and climate alignment in shipping.

Digitalisation can have many faces. In the form of transition to the use of electronic trade documents, it can provide a direct contribution by saving of paper and related waste of resources including the effects of physical transportation of paper documents. Insofar, relevant legislation will be introduced that is currently being implemented to reduce barriers to e-documentation.

Electronic data exchange and single window initiatives in freight transport under the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic, electronic freight transport documentation for other modes as per EU Regulation and the EU single window for customs can enable efficiencies and savings, both in economic and environmental terms.

In a different application, digitisation and digitalisation can assist effective measurement and sharing of data, such as GHG emission, collected to enhance accountability and allow appropriate reporting required by the maritime industry as well as by their customers in form of ESG reporting.

The key, however, for all efforts to provide appropriate outcomes is collaboration, standardisation and interoperability, so that digitalisation can move beyond information silos and achieve its full potential. In this vein, relevant industry initiatives and regulatory attempts to enable effective digitalisation and information flow are examined.    

About the speaker

Dr. Simone Lamont-Black is a German-educated lawyer and Senior Lecturer at the Edinburgh Law School. She holds her Doctorate from Augsburg University (summa cum laude) and is accredited as Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Before joining Edinburgh University, she worked in private practice in Germany and lectured in England at Northumbria University. She is the Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes at Edinburgh Law School.

She researches in the area of transport law and has presented and published widely on topics centring on international carriage of goods and persons, the law relating to multimodal transport and freight forwarding and private international law matters relating to these themes.

Outputs include (co-edited with Professor D R Thomas) the book Current Issues in Freight Forwarding: law and logistics (Lawtext, 2017) and (co-authored with Paul Bugden) the work on Goods in Transit (4th edn, Sweet and Maxwell, 2018). She is, inter alia, contributor to the leading Scots Law treatise, Gloag and Henderson, The Law of Scotland (15th edn, W. Green, 2022) covering the chapters on “Carriage by Air”, “Carriage by Land” and “Maritime Law: Carriage by Sea with General Average and Salvage”.

She held several visiting positions at Law Schools and Maritime Law Institutes in Singapore, Australia, Finland, Norway and France. She is a registered UN/CEFACT Expert.

For more information, please see her research profile at:

Dr. Simone Lamont-Black (she/her)

(Assessorin iur., Dr. iur., SFHEA)

Senior Lecturer in International Trade Law

Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes

The University of Edinburgh, School of Law

Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH8 9YL, UK/Scotland