Conference program, day 2

Day 2, Thursday 25 of August 2022

8.15 Morning coffee


8.30 - 9.00 Opening of day 2

Anu Bask: Welcome and practical issues

Ellen Eftestøl: Framing the day: Climate change - Fit for 55 and shipping


9.00 - 10.00 Governing sustainable future (Chair: Banet)

Erik Røsæg (invited speaker):  55 Shades of Green. How Do EU and IMO Do It, and Does It Hurt the Economy?

Nelson F. Coelho, Jan van Tatenhove & Jesper Raakjaer: Governing maritime transport via the “Fit for 55” package: thinking global, going local?

Nathaniel Gilkey:  TacFit for 55 – Fit for 55 and national security concerns

Catherine Banet (invited speaker): Fitting seaports in EU energy infrastructure legislation for delivering a low-carbon energy system


10.05 - 11.05 Green financial instruments, economic incentives and standards towards a net zero-carbon future (Chair: Martinson)

Wouter Verheyen (invited speaker): Enhancing environmental sustainability through enhanced social sustainability of logistic chains

Pia Rebelo: The Knock-on Effects of Green Finance Frameworks: A Green Normative Framework for Shipping Contracts?

Emilie Yliheljo (invited speaker): Exploring the right of different actors to access the European carbon market in the intersection of climate law and financial market regulation

Claes Martinson (invited speaker): The atmosphere as property and the regulation of the transport industry – On Green property law, regulation of Green financial instruments and economic incentives


11.05 - 12.00 Lunch


12.00 - 13.00 Climate Change – challenges and opportunities (Chair: Solakivi)

Serli Abrahamoglu, Maren Basso, Henrik Foseid, Piotr Śpiewanowski & Even Winje: Nordic Roadmap - Future Fuels for Shipping

Riina Otsason, Andreas Laasma & Ulla Pirita Tapaninen: Decarbonizing Coastal Ferries

Ülkü Tanriverdi: Regulating Smart Mobility Solutions for Sustainable, Accessible, Inclusive, and Safe Urban Mobility

Tomi Solakivi (invited speaker): Maritime emissions and alternative maritime fuels


13.05 - 14.05 Digitalization of transport and mobility (Chair: Soyer)

Jeanette Andersson (invited speaker): Legal challenges of remote operation as a key transition and safety approach towards fully autonomous vehicles

Camilla Domenighini: Autonomous inland shipping - Contractual and liability issues

Béatrice Schütte: Damage caused by autonomous ships – what regulation for civil liability in EU waters?

Baris Soyer (invited speaker): Autonomous shipping and insurance perspective


14.05 - 14.35 Coffee


14.35 - 15.45 Operational efforts towards net zero-carbon emissions in logistics and transportation (Chair: Bask)

Marta Kolacz: Sharing economy in logistics – towards a legal framework for cooperation

Daniel Dąbrowski: Electronic communication relating to the performance of a contract of carriage under the CMR convention

Suvi Hirvonen-Ere & Anu Bask: How can contract lifecycle management enhance sustainable development in buyer-supplier relationships?

Concluding words