The IPM4Meligethes-project is part of the ERA-NET consortium C-IPM.

It targets the pollen beetle Meligethes aeneus, which is a key European pest on oilseed rape (OSR). OSR is an important food crop (vegetable oil), feed crop (domestic protein), and an energy crop (biodiesel). Current cropping systems require several insecticide sprays annually, mainly to control the pollen beetle. The beetle has evolved resistance throughout Europe to the only insecticide class widely available, pyrethroids.

THE AIM OF THE PROJECT is to develop novel, safe, sustainable, and economically feasible strategies, where only seldom is a need to resort to insecticide spraying. This will ease the selection pressure on the pest, and prolong the efficacy of the available insecticides.

THE PROJECT WILL PROVIDE a set of cascading alternatives for pollen beetle control. The basic new tool is simple and ready to be takenup, after appropriate applied research. Together with revised and dynamic thresholds and improved forecasting and monitoring tools, growers will be able to radically reduce insecticide use, with all associated economic and environmental benefits. Novel safe and precise control tools will help growers to manage occasional pest population peaks, even without insecticides.

Project Coordinator: University of Helsinki - Heikki Hokkanen, email: heikki.hokkanen@helsinki.fi
Partners: U. of Ghent, Belgium - Guy Smagghe; U. of Aarhus, Denmark - Gabor Lövei; Estonian U. of Life Sciences - Eve Veromann

WP leaders: WP1 Eve Veromann, WP2 Gabor Lövei, WP3 Ingeborg Menzler-Hokkanen, WP4 Guy Smagghe, WP5 Gabor Lövei, WP6 Heikki Hokkanen