Our group consists of researchers with varying degree of experiences and with desire to learn. Prof. Sangita Kulathinal is the group leader.
Visiting lecturer

Neil Sheldon (Chair, Teaching Statistics Trust, The United Kingdom): Neil is a guest lecturer for courses related to understanding of statistical concepts and communication in statistics.

Current doctoral researchers
  • Leo Aarnio: I am interested in the foundations of statistics and the practical implications foundational choices have for concrete applications, especially in medical decision making. In my PhD I derive statistical desiderata for evidence-based medicine, show where and why currently reigning methods fall short, establish an alternative and apply it into practice.

  • Solomon Christopher: I assess and develop methods to study infection transmission, person-to-person (P2P), based on household-level data under Bayesian framework.I also examine designs for household-based studies that optimise sample information content to estimate transmission parameters.

  • Swapna Deshpande (registered at Tampere University): My research is about Overweight, diet, physical activity, weight gain during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes among women of reproductive age from urban India.

  • Ashwini Joshi: I work with longitudinal data where multiple outcomes are observed. I develop non-parametric and Bayesian methods for analysing such data.

  • Miika Mäki (registered at the Faculty of Social Sciences): I study the determinants, dynamics and outcomes of romantic relationship histories. I use multistate modelling for modelling transition probabilities between different relationship statuses.

  • Aapeli Nevala: I work on Bayesian event-history analysis applied for cancer screening. The goal of my research is to build models that can combine information from multiple sources and that can be used for decision making in public health and healthcare settings.

  • Tuomo Nieminen: My research involves applied statistics and methods development in large health-register data settings. One focus of the research is vaccine safety and recent work relates to possible adverse outcomes related to COVID-19 vaccines.
Past doctoral researchers

The following past doctoral researchers are continuing collaboration with the group.

Master's degree students

Students working on master's thesis:

  • Etienne Sebag
  • Rebecca Burton
  • Laura Salonen
  • Robin Källman

Master's thesis completed (most of the following students are continuing collaboration):