Publications and doctoral dissertations from the Strawberry Research Group are listed here. A complete list of peer reviewed articles of the PI can be found in Google Scholar.
Recent publications
Selected peer reviewed articles

Koskela E, Sønsteby A, Flachowsky H, Heide O, Hanke V, Elomaa P, Hytönen T. 2016. TERMINAL FLOWER 1 is a breeding target for a novel everbearing trait and tailored flowering responses in cultivated strawberry Fragaria × ananassa Duch.). Plant Biotechnology Journal 14: 1852–1861.

Rantanen M, Kurokura T, Jiang P, Mouhu K, Hytönen T. 2015. Strawberry homolog of TERMINAL FLOWER1 integrates photoperiod and temperature signals to inhibit flowering. Plant Journal 82: 163-173.

Rantanen M, Kurokura T, Mouhu K, Pinho P, Tetri E, Halonen L, Palonen P, Elomaa P, Hytönen T. 2014. Light quality regulates flowering in FvFT1/FvTFL1 dependent manner in the woodland strawberry Fragaria vesca. Research topic article: “Recent Advances in Flowering Time Control”. Frontiers in Plant Science 5: 271 (11 p.).

Mouhu K, Kurokura T, Koskela E, Albert VA, Elomaa P, Hytönen T. 2013. Fragaria vesca homolog of SUPPRESSOR OF OVEREXPRESSION OF CONSTANS1 represses flowering and promotes vegetative growth. Plant Cell 25: 3296-3310.

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