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If you cannot access Google Forms (some U.S. officials), please email us the following information:

  • contact information of the person who will become the co-author for the paper. By default, a single person per sampling location will be included. Exceptions can be negotiated if justified.
    • First name,
    • Last name,
    • email
  • Description of how sampling can be organized:
    • how will it be ensured that two samples per week will be taken? For example, will the sampler be located into a field station with permanent staff? Or will it be run by the researcher / his students?
    • How long the sampling can be ensured: the first phase of the project (=the calendar year 2018) or beyond (e.g. 5 years).
  • Coordinates of the sampling location: please provide latitude, longitude as decimal degrees (e.g. from Google Maps)
  • Shipping address for the sampling package
    • Name of recipient,
    • phone number of recipient,
    • street address,
    • postal code,
    • city, province,
    • country,
    • additional info
  • Payment options
    • Option 1: I will participate only if the project covers the expenses of the cyclone sampler
    • Option 2: I can cover the expenses myself
    • Option 3: I prefer for the project to pay for it, but if that is not possible, I wish to be contacted again to examine the option that I would cover the expenses myself