PhD student/Postdoctoral researcher in Bioinformatics

We are looking for outstanding computational researchers to join Single-cell Transcriptomics of Cancer group ( in Medicum, University of Helsinki!

We are eager to unravel the mechanisms that tumor cells initially employ to escape the control of their environment, and utilize later to survive through cancer treatments. We are pursuing these mechanisms by single-cell transcriptomics in the biological context of ovarian and colon cancer, combined with genome editing and other technologies providing functional dissection and validation.

Your duties
The position will consist of developing and applying advanced analyses on the large single-cell data sets that our wet-lab scientists produce. For example, you will be computationally identifying and characterizing the tissue-specific transcriptional networks that transmit the signals relevant for growth of colon cancer cells, and compare those to networks utilized by ovarian cancer cells. Additionally, the position encompasses analyzing in-house produced single-cell transcriptomics data on lineage tracing, heterogeneous clinically-derived tissue samples as well as analysis of additional high-throughput functional experiments on tumor cells.

Requirements for the position
A successful candidate has, or is close to having, MSc or PhD degree (for PhD student or post-doctoral positions, respectively) and has a background in bioinformatics, computer science, physics, systems biology or mathematics and most importantly, strong enthusiasm to computationally solve complex biological problems, such as those presented in molecular oncology. The candidate should have solid programming skills (e.g. R, C, Python), knowledge of mathematical network modelling approaches, and ability to work independently in a multi-disciplinary Biomedical Science team (i.e. you will have to work and communicate with biologists). From post-docs we expect a solid publication record in international, peer-reviewed journals or esteemed computational conference proceedings.

Initial contract of employment will be done for a minimum of one and half years and the starting date is to be agreed, preferably between May and September 2018. Trial period of six months will be applied. Salary will be based on the Universities salary scheme for teaching and research personnel composed of both task specific and personal performance components that will be evaluated during the first year, with typical starting levels of 2/5 (2448.97 EUR) for a PhD student, or 5/5 (3533.51 EUR) for a post-doc.

Application process
To apply, please submit your application letter, CV, publication list including impact factors as well as names and contact information for two references in a single PDF document, using the University of Helsinki electronic recruitment system by clicking on "Apply for the position tab" ( Internal applicants (i.e., current employees of the University of Helsinki) must submit their applications through the SAP HR portal.

Deadline: April 30th, 2018.

For inquiries, please contact Anna Vähärautio. In case you should need support with the recruitment portal, please contact recruitment(at)

Description of the research environment
The research will be carried out in the new Single-cell Transcriptomics of Cancer research group in collaboration with highly skilled groups with complementary expertise in high-throughput technologies, mathematical and computational modelling, and clinics. The research group belongs to Medicum of the Faculty of Medicine in University of Helsinki.

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