The MegaSense Concept

MegaSense utilizes 5G network and city reference monitoring stations for precise atmospheric real time readings and Artificial Intelligence platform for a spatially distributed network to field calibrate low cost sensors in operational mode for fixed monitoring stations and mobile air quality monitoring stations to reduce high cost of air quality infrastructure.

Design of low-cost air quality monitoring sensors

The task pertains to the design and enhancing the performance of low-cost cost sensor devices and designing optimal sensor platform components.

The calibration can take place when a lower quality sensor is near a higher quality sensor, or when the high precision pollution map and telemetry enable the calibration of the sensor based on its position and orientation. The goal is that after calibration the low quality sensor would provide pollution data that increases the spatial-temporal resolution of the system.

Design of MegaSense air quality platform

MegaSense is an end-to-end system providing coverage of air pollution exposure in different urban micro-environments that can be used continuously throughout the day.

The MegaSense data platform receives data from available data sources, such as air stationary and portable quality sensor devices, traffic data systems, and weather information systems. The platform delivers alerts and hot spot pollution maps to a mobile Exposure App, providing stakeholders personal air pollution exposure information as well as district exposure maps. Third parties, such as business entities and other researchers are invited to supply or retrieve data and results through the MegaSense API.