Antti Sajantila

I have MD, PhD background and I work as a professor of forensic medicine in the Department of Forensic Medicine at the University of Helsinki, and as a senior medical examiner in the Forensic Medicine Unit at the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare. My research interests are archeaovirology, population genetics, forensic genetics, paleopathology, and ancient biomolecules and forensic medicine at large.

Mari Toppinen

I am a post-doctoral researcher focusing on i) human DNA virus epidemiology and evolution and ii) merging viral and human genomics for identification and characterization of modern and ancient human populations.

Understanding the world around us and providing knowledge, especially on viruses – creatures not even considered alive, yet with great impact on the whole world – is what motivates me most as a scientist.

Matti Heino

I am an evolutionary geneticist with an interest in using DNA of ancient and modern organisms to study different evolutionary questions. My research interests include temperature selection on the mitochondrial genome and evolution of persistent human viruses.

Evelyn Guevara

I am a post-doctoral researcher studying the genomic variation of ancient Peruvians from the Chachapoyas region and the southern Pacific coast as well as the pathogens that reside in different organic tissues. My topics of interest include human population diversity and mobility, pathogens evolution and the mechanisms that facilitated/prevented disease transmission in different environments.

Sheyla Cisneros Montalvo

I am a postdoctoral researcher focusing on the genomic study of the mysterious archaeological remains of Levänluhta in Isokyrö, in Southwest Finland. My areas of interest revolve around the intriguing realms of persistent ancient pathogens and the evolving health dynamics spanning across ancient eras and the present day. Additionally, I study the human genomic diversity in this cohort and the connections of the Levänluhta people within Finland and to other neighboring populations.

Martta Keskitalo

I am a MSc student in Translational Medicine and work as a research assistant in a Virus phylogeography project.

Leo Pasanen

I work as a part time IT technician in this research group. 

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