Zoonotic Pathogens in Meat Chain (ZOPAMEC)

Zo­onotic pathogens in meat chain (ZOPAMEC)

Zoonotic pathogens are microbes which can be transferred from animals to humans. We are focusing on the zoonotic pathogens which are transmitted to humans via meat. Production of safe meat starts already on the primary production where the risks have to be identified.

Principal investigator

Professor Maria Fredriksson-Ahomaa

On-going research projects

  • Visual and risk-based meat inspection
  • Slaughter hygiene of poultry
  • Public health hazards in wildlife
  • Safety and quality of game meat
  • Detection, identification and virulence of Yersinia spp.

Doctoral students

  • Blomvall Laura
  • Joutsen Suvi
  • Sauvala Mikaela

Master students

  • Anturaniemi Johanna
  • Miinalainen Paula
  • Woivalin Emma