Small Ruminants

Ongoing research topics are Finnsheep health and welfare, gastrointestinal nematode parasites of small ruminants and subclinical mastitis in dairy goat farms.

Finnsheep health and wel­fare

Ewe and lamb are in the focus on this field of research. In first part pregnant ewes reference values for blood are evaluated. Further research goals are lamb wellbeing and causes of early lamb mortality.

Gastrointest­inal nem­at­ode para­sites of small ru­min­ants

In many countries gastrointestinal nematodes are the cause of ill thrift in lambs. We have very limited information about the situation in Finland and first research task is to evaluate the situation via internet survey.

Sub­clin­ical mast­itis in dairy goat farms

Subclinical mastitis on the main cause of quality problems. There is high demand for goat milk in Finland, but lacking information about subclinical mastitis situation.

The principal investigator of small ruminant research is Eeva Mustonen.