Get to know the people in our research group

Päivi Rajala-Schultz, professor

Päivi is a veterinary epidemiologist, with her DVM degree from College of Vet Med in Helsinki and PhD from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, USA. She has spent most of her academic career as a faculty member at The Ohio State University, College of Vet Med in Columbus, OH, USA. Her research interests are in dairy production medicine. Overall goal of the research has been and is to identify and develop management practices that will improve dairy cattle health and well-being and enhance sustainability and profitability of dairy industry. Current research interests are especially in udder health and milk quality, with particular focus in dry cow management and dry cow treatments.

Päivi's publications


Timo Soveri, professor
Heli Simojoki, associate professor

I'm associate professor of Ruminant health, which is a joint professor of Veterinary Faculty and Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. My research interest is infectious diseases in cattle. One of the most effective tools lower the antimicrobial usage and better welfare for cattle is decrease morbidity and mortality caused by infectious diseases. 

Heli's publications

Mari Hovinen, clinical instructor
Minna Kujala-Wirth, clinical instructor
Eeva Mustonen, clinical instructor
Helena Rautala, clinical instructor
Suvi Taponen, clinical instructor
Riitta Niemi, doctoral researcher
Aino Riihimäki, doctoral researcher
Doctoral researchers

Our doctoral researchers work with research projects. At the moment we have joy to work with:

Karoliina Hagner: Dairy cow mortality

Hertta Pirkkalainen: Hoof health in dairy herds

Atte Sandelin: Calves health in calf rearing farms