Lab news

Frequent updates covering the latest lab news for RNAcious lab fans.


December 2018: M.Sc. Pavlína Gregorová was awarded a funded position at the Doctoral Programme in Integrative Life Science (ILS). Congratulations!

October 2018: Undergraduate student Berta Garrido Zabala joins the lab for a six-month internship. Welcome!

May 2018: Dr. Hannu Hotti was awarded Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher funding. Congratulations!

April 2018: Dr. Ulrike Abendroth joined the lab. Welcome!

March 2018: MSc. Pavlína Gregorová received the Chancellor's Travel Grant for 2018. Congratulations! 

January 2018: RNAcious lab's first review paper on tRNA modification and infection is now online! Thumbs up!

January 2018: Dr. Peter Sarin gave a 3-min flash talk at the Science Day, a kick-off event organized by the Molecules, Cells and System Research Program!

November 2017: MSc. Pavlína Gregorová has been admitted a right to pursue doctoral degree in ILS, UH. Congratulations!

November 2017: Dr. Cha San Koh gave a talk in the Virus Club at UH on viral-encoded tRNA molecules!

September 2017: MSc. Pavlína Gregorová submitted proposals to graduate schools. Congratulations!

September 2017: Dr. Hannu Hotti submitted application to the Academy of Finland. Congratulations!

August 2017: MSc. Pavlína Gregorová to become the first PhD. student of the RNAcious Lab. Welcome!

May 2017: MSc. Rajita Thapa, summer student, joined the RNAcious Lab. Welcome!

April 2017: Dr. Peter Sarin received funding from the Sigrid Jusélius Foundation. Congratulations!

January 2017: Dr. Cha San Koh joined the force of the RNAcious Lab. Welcome!

November 2016: Dr. Hannu Hotti joined the lab. Welcome!

September 2016: BSc. Duolong Zhu joined the lab. Welcome!

September 2016: The RNAcious Lab is established, directed by Dr. Peter Sarin, Academy of Finland Research Fellow.