The Garcia Lab group is located at the Viikki-campus, Biocenter 2, staircase D, 4th floor.

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Susana Maria D. A. Garcia, Group Leader



Olli Matilainen, Postdoctoral fellow
Jens Verbeeren, Postdoctoral fellow

I am a postdoctoral researcher with an interest in RNA processing and RNA-binding proteins. In the Garcia lab, I aim to understand how RNA-binding proteins achieve homeostasis, and how this process is regulated in various tissues in vivo using the nematode C. elegans. Outside the lab, I enjoy playing football, spending time with my family and I try to read books.



Joana Teixeira, graduate student
Heini Sood, graduate student


Ana Rita Salgado Ribeiro (2019-2020)

Ana Sofia Teixeira Brandão (2018)

Catarina Rodrigues Gomes (2018)


Anu-Mari Harju (2016-2020)