This page presents the researchers of the Project DyAdd.
University of Helsinki, Psychology

Senior researchers

Dr. Marja Laasonen, PhD: dyslexia, PI of the project 
Dr. Laura Hokkanen, PhD: ADHD
Dr. Elisabet Service, PhD: phonological processing
Prof. Veijo Virsu, PhD: temporal acuity 

Postgraduate researchers

MPsych Emma Hietarinta: attention and executive functions 
MSci Henna Oksanen-Hennah: implicit learning
MPsych Anita Vedenpää: temporal acuity

Undergraduate researchers

Marja Kantele: dyslexia questionnaires
Jenni Kauppinen: conditioning
Sasa Kivisaari: ADHD questionnaires
Minna Kuivalainen: working memory
Maisa Lehtinen: phonological processing
Jonna Salomaa: visual attention
Arja Sarkio: temporal acuity
Mirva Reuhkala: memory
Meeri Sivonen: ADHD questionnaires
Jenni Väre: implicit learning

Finnish collaborators

Helsinki University Central Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Clinic for Neuropsychiatry
Dr. Sami Leppämäki, MD, PhD: ADHD
Dr. Pekka Tani, MD, PhD: ADHD

Helsinki University Central Hospital, Department of Neurology
Dr. Hanna Harno, MD, PhD: cerebellum

University of Jyväskylä, Department of Psychology
Dr. Jan Wikgren, PhD: conditioning

University of Kuopio, School of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition
Dr. Arja Erkkilä, PhD: fatty acids

International collaborators

University of Rochester, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department Prof. Daphne Bavelier, PhD and Research Associate M.W.G. Dye, PhD: brain plasticity, visual attention

Université libre de Bruxelles, Cognitive science research unit
Dr. Axel Cleeremans, PhD: implicit learning

University of Wales, Psychology Department
Dr. Emmanuel Pothos, PhD: implicit learning