Polymers and colloids

MATRES364 Polymer Materials Chemistry seminars


POLYMERS & COLLOIDS SEMINAR ROOM A431. More info: sami.hietala(a.)

Mondays at 13:00


29.1. Maksym Karachevtsev: Hybrids of carbon nanomaterials with biomacromolecules: in silico study

5.2. Andrew Kerr: Poly(acrylamide) based BAB triblocks for use as bioinks

12.2. Larissa Kessler: Expanding the polymer/drug platform for the preparation of drug loaded microfiber scaffolds by melt electrowriting

19.2. Maximilian Franze: Syntheses of novel Lipopolymers via post-polymerization modification

11.3. Florian Kaps, Anna-Lena Ziegler: TBA

18.3. Yuquan Chi:TBA

15.4. Saba Nemati Mahand: TBA

22.4. Josef Kehrein: Simulations on Lipid nanoparticles

29.4. Askican Hacioglu: TBA

13.5. Hannes Keiling: TBA

20.5. Henry Ng: Poly(2-substituted-2-oxazoline) based hydrogels for 4D printing, with the addition of microgels as a crosslinking additive.