Polymers and colloids

Spring 2023 group seminars,
Mondays at 14:00, A431.

23.1. Yuquan Chi: Fabrications of hyaluronic acid-based dissolving microneedles for photodynamic therapy of melanoma

6.2. Ryo Akiyama: The effective attraction between like-charged particles in an  electrolyte solution and the reentrant condensation behaviors

6.3. Katsura Nishiyama: Role of solvophilic moieties of gelators in the thermal stability of (phenol—surfactant) organogels: analysis by Hansen solubility parameters

27.3. Muhammad Waqas Ali: Detailed Understanding of Solvent Effects for the Cationic RingOpening Polymerization of 2‑Ethyl-2-oxazoline

3.4. Andrew Kerr: NPs as drug delivery vectors

17.4. Anna-Lena Ziegler: Molecular interactions between hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymer blocks causes order-order transition based thermogelation

24.4. Yukitero Katsumoto:

(1) Re-entrant mixing of a polyelectrolyte to concentrated salt solutions

(2) Conformation analysis on a dimer model of poly(2-methyl-2-oxazoline)

29.5. Saba Nemati Mahand: