POLYMER CHEMISTRY RESEARCH PRACTICUM: 9-20.4.2018. Register to Vladimir Aseyev.



Monday afternoons at 14:00 at the seminar room (4th floor)

22.1. Pekka Salminen: Information about the TUHAT-system

29.1. Matti Leskinen: Novel cellulose particles by regeneration from homogenous IL-solution
Pavel Semenyuk: Artificial chaperones based on thermoresponsive polymers recognize the unfolded state of the protein

12.2. Lauri Mäkinen: Mechanical properties of the films based on differently modified potato starches
          Chen Wen: Fluorescence investigations of liposome formulations

19.2. Linda Salminen: LCST behavior of PDiPrAEMA
Erno Karjalainen: Effect of buffer and ionic strength on thermoresponsive properties of PDMAEMA and   related polymers

26.2. Joel Köykkä:   Study of Latex-Pigment Dispersion Coatings as Water Vapor Barrier Material on Special Paper
        Tony Tiainen: Polyelectrolyte nanodiamond complexes

12.3. Dong Yang: Poly(N-acryloyl glycinamide) microgels as nanocatalyst platform + an update
          Vikram Baddam:Thermo-responsive PIL core di-block copolymer particles by RAFT

19.3. Linda Idström: Separation and quantification of novel ionic liquids using capillary electrophoresis
          Fabian Pooch: The influence of complexation on the properties of poly(lactide)-block-poly(2-isopropyl-2-         oxazoline)

26.3. Tina Borke: Hyaluronic acid graft copolymers as potential vehicles for intravitreal drug delivery
          Filip Dusa: Calcium dependent reversible aggregation of Escherichia coli biomimicking vesicles

23.4. Narmin Suvarli: Manipulating the thermoresponsive properties of polycations
          Joonas Siirilä: Poly(N-vinylcaprolactam) PISA

7.5.  Jingwen Xia: TBA
        Brita Peltokoski: Anionic high molecular weight biopolymer derivatives and their performance