Open positions in the Mähönen group
The Centre of Excellence in Tree Biology brings together ten PIs from the University of Helsinki (UH) and two from the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), who together with a large network of international collaborators form a multidisciplinary team of experts in plant genetics, physiology and computational modelling of whole tree physiology. TreeBio is funded by the Academy of Finland to provide for an exceptional centre of excellence focused on studying carbon sequestration in trees as a holistic, physiological process, and to provide detailed molecular and genomic information for breeding birch as a better carbon sink.

Here you can find more information about the open positions within the Centre of Excellence in Tree Biology.

If you are interested in the research conducted in the Mähönen group (see video below), please select the projects linked to the Mähönen group in the application form (please, follow the link above).