Members in the Plant Genome Dynamics research group
Alan Schulman, Professor

Alan H. Schulman is and Group Leader at the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki, Adjunct Professor (Docent) in the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, and Research Professor of Plant Biotechnology at Luke Natural Resources Institute Finland. He serves as the President of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO). He holds a PhD and MSc in Cell and Developmental Biology (Yale University, 1986) and B.A.s in Botany and in Art History (Duke University, 1979). His group uses genomics, genetics, physiology, and cell biology to analyze retrotransposon-based genome dynamics, identify and isolate genes for quality, stress and disease resistance, and sustainability, and develop tools for precision breeding.

Jaakko Tanskanen, Senior Scientist

Jaakko Tanskanen is a bioinformaticist with expertise in genome and retrotransposon annotation, gene and genome evolution, and gene expression analyses.

Wei Chang, Postdoctoral Researcher

Wei Chang specializes in plant molecular biology and genomics, with expertise in gene isolation and cloning, editing, and expression analysis.

Marko Jääskeläinen, Postdoctoral Researcher

Marko Jääsekläinen specializes in analysis of the retrotransposon life cycle, with expertise in proteomics, light and electron microscopy, and cell biology.

Maitry Paul, Doctoral Student

Maitry Paul is studying the role of retrotransposons in barley responses to abiotic stress.

Laura Vottonen, Doctoral Student

Laura Vottonen is studying the genetics of the anti-nutrients vicine and convicine in the genus Vicia.

Anne-Mari Narvanto, Research Technician

Anne-Mari Narvanto has expertise in genomic and molecular biological methods.

Ruslan Kalendar, Visiting Researcher

Ruslan Kalendar has strong interests in the genetic diversity generated by retrotransposons as well as their evolution, and has developed and applied computational and wet-lab analytical methods to study these processes.  

Annukka Korpijaakko, Laboratory Analyst

Annukka Korpijaakko has expertise in genomic and molecular biological methods.