Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology group is part of GeneCellNano flagship competence cluster

Prof. Timo Laaksonen and Dr. Tatu Lajunen from Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology group, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki are principal investigators in Academy of Finland funded GeneCellNano flagship. The Flagship develops new biological drugs, so-called ATMP products, drug delivery systems, biomarkers and diagnostics for chronic diseases that lack sufficient treatment options.

The GeneCellNano flagship is headed by Academy Professor Seppo Ylä-Herttuala from University of Eastern Finland. It consists of researchers from University of Eastern Finland, University of Oulu, University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Finnish Red Cross Blood Service. Aim of the project is to build connections between the academia and pharmaceutical industry in Finland, and create new jobs and businesses in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology group researchers will provide knowledge in nanosystems for targeted delivery of biological medicines and especially study the active drug release mechanisms for better efficacy and safety. Ocular diseases are an important focus of the flagship and the eye is highly suitable target for the light activation methods studied in the Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology lab. More information about the research within the flagship will be available under our Projects page.

The GeneCellNano secured funding from the Academy of Finland’s supplementary budget for the years 2020–2024. In addition to the Academy of Finland funding of nearly 10 million euros, the Flagship is also significantly supported by the universities and other domestic and international sources.

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