Art Meets Science: 6th of April - 23rd April 2022

‘Art Meets Science’ is an ambitious, multidisciplinary, public engagement event that, for the first time in Finland, has facilitated collaborations between professional artists and research scientists. Inspired by the diverse and cutting-edge research conducted within the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Pharmacy, these collaborations have yielded bespoke pieces of art that will be displayed at a public exhibition held in Galleria Albert IX between the 6th of April – 23rd April 2022.

In the age of misinformation, Art Meets Science looks to share the research carried out at the Faculty of Pharmacy in an accessible and intelligible manner with members of the public. By showcasing the science-inspired art generated through these collaborations, we look to stimulate discourse between scientists, artists, and the public, with a view to addressing scientific misconceptions. The exhibition aims to highlight talented artists, who are interested in science, to the University of Helsinki alumni, stakeholders and public. Further, we aim to inspire the next generation of scientists and artists, particularly those from underrepresented groups, by challenging preconceived perceptions surrounding these roles. Moreover, owing to the faculty’s longstanding commitment to sustainability, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of art will contribute to the world’s first professorship in sustainable pharmacy that looks to implement green principles in pharmaceutical teaching and research practices. 

Our Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology group is collaborating with two talented artists for the event. Our research focuses on the dynamic drug release with the help of light triggering. In the event, our science will be reimagined by a new modern dance routine created by Emrecan Tanis, a choreographer and a dancer for the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. 

In addition, the dancers will wear costumes designed by Aleksandra Stepanova of Amplituda Design. 

We are very excited to see the performance and the other art pieces on display. The art will be accompanied by a easy to understand description of our research. Come and check it out!

More updates about the event can be followed on the official event web page and social media accounts: