Art Meets Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

On 6th of April, we had the opening ceremony of the Art Meets Science 2022 exhibition. Members of the Pharmaceutical Nanosciences group were present to give background information about our research and tell about the wonderful artist-scientist collaborations. Naturally, we all enjoyed very much the fantastic art pieces on display.

The Art Meets Science 2022 event is running at Galleria Albert IX until 23rd of April. The exhibition is free of charge and the visitors can buy the fine art pieces on display supporting the artists and the development of sustainable pharmacy.

In the opening event, a new dance performance choreographed by Emrecan Tanis was shown. The dancers were wearing costumes designed by Aleksandra Stepanova. The dance was highly energetic and incorporated nicely the dynamic nature of our drug delivery systems. The red and blue color played a major role in the performance, as they also do in our research.

Information about the other artists and scientists can be found on this site.

Furthermore, images and descriptions of some of the art pieces is found in this link.

In addition to the dance performance, the opening event had many interesting talks of the artist-scientist collaborations. Some of the talks, including the talk by the members of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology can be found in this link. We hope that the event becomes a regular fixture at the University of Helsinki, and we will be happy to participate again.

We would recommend everybody to go and take a quick peek at the art and the science at Galleria Albert IX.

It is completely free!