Drug delivery liposomes and extracellular vesicles

A key focus of our research is the development of liposome based drug delivery systems (LDS).

The LDS represents the most developed and promising form of nanovector, representing more than half of all approved nanomedicine based therapies approved so far. The liposome, from which the LDS is formed, is a phospholipid bilayer formed into an enclosed sack. The LDS is a versatile drug delivery vector: it can both carry lipophilic drugs in the phospholipid membrane, or hydrophilic drugs in the internal cavity. The properties of the phospholipid bilayer can be controlled through formulation. A protective polymer corona and even targeting ligands can be added to the LDS exterior through functionalization of the phospholipid headgroups. The current gold standard for protective polymer corona is poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG); an LDS with such a polymer corona is said to be “PEGylated”. The relationship between formulation and the structure and function of the LDS is not immediately apparent. We have, over the course of several years and through several publications listed below, developed a combined computational-experimental framework for the study of the relationship between LDS formulation and structure and function. In many cases we have been able to provide guidance to experimental researchers developing LDS based therapies. Extracellular vesicles (EVs), the lipid bilayer structured vesicles secreted by cells that can be found in most body fluids, share common characteristics with the LDS e.g., size, morphology and surface charge; EVs encapsulate various genes, proteins, and other molecules from their cells of origin. EVs can deliver their cargo to recipient cells over long distances, and are therefore considered as promising biomarkers for many diseases as well as drug carriers. In the context of their use as a drug delivery agent, the EV can be seen as the next step in complexity beyond the LDS. We are aiming to build a better mechanistic understanding of EVs in respect to drug targeting and delivery by further utilizing the combined computational-experimental framework developed to study LDS based formulations. Our publications in this area of research are linked below.

Publications in this area:

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