MD, PhD, professor of pharmacology, group leader

Esa has published over 270 original articles and reviews in the fields of neuropsychopharmacology, biomedical alcohol research, neurobiology of addiction and brain diseases.

PhD (Pharm), adjunct professor (dosentti), senior lecturer 

An expert on mouse behavioral pharmacology and intracerebral injections, Anni-Maija works as a principal investigator as well as the manager of the Rodent phenotyping and in vivo experimentation unit Rofe. 

née Vashchinkina
PhD, postdoctoral researcher

On maternity/parental leave from November 2017 onwards.

Elena is responsible for supervising drug-induced neuroplasticity studies and carrying out dopamine-GABA connectomics studies using electrophysiology and optogenetics. 

Physiologist, PhD student

Elina is working on subtyping the VTA GABA neurons using a variety of electrophysiological techniques and patch-seq method to sample for single-cell RNA-sequence.

MD/PhD student 

Milo's work concentrates on stimulant and alcohol effects in rodent models.

Research technician

Heidi is proficient in several critical laboratory techniques needed in Korpi lab, taking care of, among other things, perfusing brains, cutting brain sections, performing immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization experiments, counting the cell numbers, assisting in phenotyping of model systems and genotyping the mouse lines.

Milica Maksimovic
pharmacist, PhD 

Worked on brain mechanisms of mania and hyperactivity using behavioral pharmacology, imaging and immediate early gene expression in animal models.


Bjørnar den Hollander
neuroscientist, PhD 

Worked on structural and behavioral neurotoxicity of novel designer drugs, using behavioral, neurochemical, imaging and mitochondrial functional methods.


Kati Hellsten (Saarelainen)
biochemist, PhD

Worked on GABA-site agonists and specific GABAA receptor populations and anxiety mechanisms.