The happy and bright group consists of people from varied educational backgrounds, ranging from biologists and pharmacists to medical doctors and beyond.

All emails are with Scandinavian alphabets changed into their non-umlaut variants, unless otherwise stated. If in doubt on who to contact, please address the group leader, professor Esa Korpi.

MD, PhD, professor of pharmacology, group leader

Esa has published over 270 original articles and reviews in the fields of neuropsychopharmacology, biomedical alcohol research, neurobiology of addiction and brain diseases.

PhD (Pharm), adjunct professor (dosentti), senior lecturer 

An expert on mouse behavioral pharmacology, Anni-Maija works as a principal investigator as well as the manager of the Rodent phenotyping and in vivo experimentation unit Rofe. 

PhD (physiology), Doctoral candidate

On maternal and parental leave since February 2020.

Elina is working on subtyping the VTA GABA neurons using a variety of electrophysiological techniques and patch-seq method to sample for single-cell RNA-sequence.

MSc in Pharmacy, Doctoral candidate

Lauri started in the lab by working on his master's thesis on chemogenetic modulation of behavior in GABA neuron-Cre mice in 2016. Now, in his PhD project he studies the effects of serotonergic hallucinogens, or psychedelics, on addiction-related behavioural phenotypes.

MD/PhD student 

Advancing his doctoral thesis along his clinical medical studies, Milo's research concentrates on stimulant and alcohol effects in rodent models.

MSc (Translational medicine), Doctoral candidate

With a background in translational medicine and skilled in several neuroscientific techniques, Annika joined the lab in early 2020 to work with the midbrain neuron characterisation project

BSc in Pharmacy, TRANSMED student

Juliana joined the lab to work on her master's thesis project on psychedelic drugs and reward functions.

BSc, Neuroscience student

Essi is working on her master's thesis concentrating on imaging techniques and stimulant-induced neuroplastic changes.

Bachelor of Health Care, Biomedical laboratory scientist

Substituting Heidi during her maternity leave, Pirjo is an experienced medical laboratory technologist with wide expertise in life science and biomedical techniques.  

Research technician
On maternity and parental leave from November 2019.

Heidi is proficient in several critical laboratory techniques needed in Korpi lab, taking care of, among other things, perfusing brains, cutting brain sections, performing immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization experiments, counting the cell numbers, assisting in phenotyping of model systems and genotyping the mouse lines.

Milica Maksimovic
pharmacist, PhD 

Worked on brain mechanisms of mania and hyperactivity using behavioral pharmacology, imaging and immediate early gene expression in animal models.


Bjørnar den Hollander
neuroscientist, PhD 

Worked on structural and behavioral neurotoxicity of novel designer drugs, using behavioral, neurochemical, imaging and mitochondrial functional methods.


Kati Hellsten (Saarelainen)
biochemist, PhD

Worked on GABA-site agonists and specific GABAA receptor populations and anxiety mechanisms.