Helsinki Institute of Life Science

Pushing the frontiers science to make a difference

We are interested in mechanisms of neurodegeneration, neuroprotection and neurorepair, and we try to find new ways to repair the damaged neuronal circuits. We focus on studying Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and drug craving, with the ultimate goal being to develop disease-modifying therapies. Drug therapies for neurodegeneration and stroke are based on alleviating symptoms, and the major challenge we have is to find life quality improving treatments for age-related diseases. Our work is based on neuroinflammation, neurogenesis, neurotrophic factors, amyloids, and neurotransmission. We have a passion for excellent level research. Our work is based on internationally evaluated high-quality funding. By high-quality funding and with excellent level collaborators we can push the frontiers of science. Our mission is to provide the highest quality science-based teaching and training. By finding out what is the thing you are most interested in, and then grasping the opportunity you can shape our future.