Vantaa 85+ study

Vantaa 85+ study is a prospective population-based study, which was established in 1991. All the subjects aged 85 years or over living in the city of Vantaa in April 1, 1991 were included in the study (N= 601). Clinical examination was possible on 553 participants and a neuropathological examination on 304 participants (51%). A blood sample for genetic testing was obtained from 92% of the participants.

Until now, the Vantaa 85 + Study has resulted in a variety of publications and thesis projects in different fields. The neuropathological subproject of the Vantaa 85+ Study has been focused on 1) characterization of the common age-related pathologies in the elderly Finnish population, and 2) identification of their genetic background.

At present, our main focus is 1) to investigate the "novel" neurodegenerative disease entities and subtypes of classic neurodegenerative diseases, and 2) to investigate the genetic background of these neuropathologies by using a genome-wide analysis.

Familial neurodegenerative syndromes

We aim to uncover pathological mechanisms of neurodegeneration by

  1. identifying gene defects underlying familial neurodegenerative syndromes and by
  2. comprehensive neuropathological analysis of patients with familial neurodegenerative diseases.

Other research interests

We also work in collaboration with other groups in the following fields:

  • Mitochondrial diseases
  • Brain tumors
  • Pediatric and fetal neuropathology
  • Epilepsy
  • CADASIL and other cerebrovascular diseases