Since the kick-off start in early 2019, the Facing Narcissism project has organised seminars for researchers in the fields of conversation analysis, narcissism research and neuroscience to share their expertise and provide for deeper understanding of the studied phenomenon.
Introduction to the Facing Narcissism research project

Academy professor Anssi Peräkylä kick starts the seminar with an overview of the project.

Goffman: Face, identity, recognition and it's limits

Professor John Heritage from UCLA gives an overarching presentation on face and self in social interaction.

Emotion regulation and identity in healthy and pathological narcissism

Associate Professor Elsa Ronningstam from Harvard Medical School offers a comprehensive description of the narcissistic condition.

Personality disorders as disorders of interaction

Professor Ulrich Streeck from the University of Göttingen talks about the interactional aspect of personality disorders.

Diagnosis as an interactional achievement in psychiatry: Between symptoms, face, and social identity

Professor Rose McCabe from City University in London explains the ways in which giving and receiving a psychiatric diagnosis is an interactional achievement.

Whose face needs saving? Telling the diagnosis of autism to the parents and to the child

Professor Douglas Maynard from University of Wisconsin-Madison discusses the issue of face threat when a diagnosis of autism is carried out to a family.

Narrative positioning in psychotherapy: Patient's references to self and therapist's responses

Professor Arnulf Deppermann from University of Mannheim talks about the ways in which psychotherapy patients position themselves through narratives.

Altered practices in responses to storytelling in Asperger's syndrome

University lecturer Melisa Stevanovic and Doctoral Student Emmi Koskinen present their findings in the field of autism research.

Initial observations on couple therapy in personality disorders and healthy couples

Associate Professor Bernadetta Janusz and Medical Doctor & psychotherapist Feliks Matusiak from Jagiellonian University in Poland present their observations on how social interactions unfold in couple therapy.

What can neuroscience tell about self and emotions in psychiatric conditions

Professor Mikko Sams from Aalto University discusses what neuroscience can tell about self and emotions in psychiatric conditions and introduces some methodological considerations for future studies. 

Neural and physiological underpinnings of narcissism and personality disorders

Elizabeth Krusemark, PhD from Ann Arbor, Michigan presents what kind of neural and physiological underpinnings underlie the narcissistic personality disorder. 

Physiology of affiliative responses in storytelling

Academy Professor Anssi Peräkylä and Doctoral Student Pentti Henttonen present the research they have done together with university researcher Liisa Voutilainen on the physiology of affiliative responses in storytelling. 

Wrapping it up: the risks and needs for revision in the research plan

Professor Emeritus Jörg Bergmann wraps up the 2-day kick-off seminar for the Facing Narcissism research project and points out some questions and comments for further inquiry.

A review of psychological theories and experimental research in narcissism

Elizabeth Krusemark, PhD, gives a profound and comprehensive review on the psychological theories and experimental research in narcissism at the Facing Narcissism -project's Nuuksio retreat in February 2020.