Open positions

This page provides information on how to join the group.

Current open calls

It will very soon be possible to join the group via the Finnish Doctoral Program in AI, with applications opening in March 2024, and more details will be added also here soonish. We are looking forward to supervising doctoral degrees in all topics related to the group main research areas. If you are interested in working on any of the broad topics listed below, or other topics you think the group might find interesting, please send email to the group leader.

  1. Bayesian machine learning, especially relating to efficient inference algorithms (MCMC, variational approximations, normalising flows, ...) but covering also development of new flexible models (GPs, deep learning)
  2. Prior knowledge elicitation: Algorithms and interaction patterns for eliciting expert knowledge, especially prior distributions, to assist efficient model design
  3. AI in scientific discovery: Human-in-the-loop methods for scientific research and R&D, for instance multi-fidelity Bayesian optimization
  4. Machine learning techniques with physical motivations and constraints: Physics-informed neural networks, use of physical simulators in learning algorithms


Outside the calls

Exceptional students interested in doctoral studies and strong candidates for post-doctoral researcher positions are encouraged to contact the group leader directly also outside the calls. Check also for possible open positions in artificial intelligence research in several research groups in the Helsinki area.