Open positions

Open positions

Postdoctoral researcher in machine learning for ultrasonics

We are looking for 1-2 postdoctoral researchers to join the interdisciplinary team combining computer science (this group) and theoretical and experimental ultrasound physics (Edward Haeggström and Ari Salmi), working for computational models for ultrasound propagation and in particular use of ultrasound for inverse modeling (detection) of defects and fouling in complex equipment. We are looking for candidates for the machine learning side of the project with background in probabilistic modelling, signal processing and/or physics. The specific tasks will be determined based on interests and qualifications of the candidate. For example, you could focus on analysis and data fusion methods for high frequency signals, fundamental questions on incorporating physical knowledge in probabilistic models, or reinforcement learning for real-time control of laser-induced ultrasonics.

See the call for instructions and apply by January 25!

Postdoctoral researcher for FCAI core topics

There are also several open positions for more open-ended projects in the same call, with possibility of working with me as one of the supervisors. The deadline is January 25.

Internships (typically for local MSc students, but BSc students and students outside University of Helsinki can also apply)

Two open positions for interns during summer 2021, one for machine learning for modeling ultrasound and one for modeling behavior of mobile game players. Details to be added shortly.


Outside calls

Exceptional students interested in doctoral studies and strong candidates for post-doctoral researcher positions are encouraged to contact the group leader directly also outside the calls. Check also for possible open positions in artificial intelligence research in several research groups in the Helsinki area.