Enviro-HIRLAM + FLEXPART Integration

Developed by the Multi-Scale Modelling Group, University of Helsinki

FLEXPART requires as input the output from a numerical weather prediction (NWP) model. The out-of-the-box distribution of FLEXPART can utilize either European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) forecast or re-analysis data, or the U.S. National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Global Forecast System (GFS) forecast or analysis data. Variations of FLEXPART have been developed to use other model output as NWP input for FLEXPART.

The MSM group has developed a variation of FLEXPART which can use output of the Enviro-HIRLAM model as its meteorological input. The novelty of this project is that, unlike the current out-of-the-box version of FLEXPART, aerosol effects will be accounted for when calculating trajectories when using FLEXPART with Enviro-HIRLAM as input. Additionally, Enviro-HIRLAM can be run at higher resolution than GFS or ECMWF, making use of nested domains. Nesting is an effective compromise between high-resolution modelling and efficient use of computing resources.

Abstract & Poster

An abstract and poster for this project was presented at the 2022 ACCC & Finnish Atmospheric Science Network Conference (21-22 November, Tampere, Finland).

View the abstract here.

View the poster here.

Adapted FLEXPART source code to use with Enviro-HIRLAM output

Enviro-HIRLAM-FLEXPART v.1.0 – BETA (adapted from FLEXPART v.10.4)

Coming soon, please check back later.

List of changes

Script for merging Enviro-HIRLAM output files to pass into FLEXPART 

merge_enviro_hirlam_for_flexpart.sh – Modified 23.11.2022


Integration of the Enviro-HIRLAM online meteorology-chemistry-aerosol modelling system into the FLEXPART Lagrangian particle dispersion model (Manuscript in preparation)