Forthcoming conference presentations

Laser Spectroscopy group will present in the following conferences

13-14 April 2021: M. Vainio's talk "MIR comb generation using CW-pumped cascaded quadratic nonlinearities" @ CHI-2 photonics in microresonators and beyond

29 April 2021: M. Vainio's talk "Detection of radioactive molecules in gas phase using laser spectroscopy" @ PREIN Workshop on Photonics and Chemistry

9–14 May 2021: M. Roiz's talk "Fully-Stabilized Mid-Infrared Optical Frequency Comb with Dynamic Offset Frequency Tuning" @ CLEO US

20-24 June 2021: M. Roiz's talk "Low-Threshold Fully-Stabilized Mid-Infrared Frequency Comb Generation" @ CLEO/Europe-EQEC