Reaction Kinetics group -- Dr. Arkke Eskola

Welcome to the Reaction Kinetics group! Our research interests focus on reaction kinetics and oxidation chemistry in the gas phase, both under normal atmospheric conditions and during low-temperature combustion (auto-ignition).

We have developed our own experimental tools:

  • Laser Photolysis -- Photoionization Mass Spectrometer (LP-PIMS)
  • Time-Resolved Broad-Band Cavity-Enhanced Absorption Spectrometer (TR-BB-CEAS)
  • + more systems under construction

We also do theoretical/computational studies using kinetic models to complement our experimental work.

More information can be found at our website.

Please see these recent publications:

  • J. Peltola, P. Seal, A. Inkilä and A. Eskola, "Time-resolved, broadband UV-absorption spectrometry measurements of Criegee intermediate kinetics using a new photolytic precursor: unimolecular decomposition of CH2OO and its reaction with formic acid". Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 22, 11797-11808 (2020).
  • A. Eskola, T. T. Reijonen, T. T. Pekkanen, P. Heinonen, S. P. joshi, R. S. Timonen, "First direct kinetic measurement of i-C4H5 (CH2CHCCH2) + O2 reaction: Toward quantitative understanding of aromatic ring formation chemistry". Proceeedings of the Combustion Institute 38, 813-821 (2021).

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