Laser Spectroscopy group -- Prof. Markku Vainio

Welcome to the Laser Spectroscopy group! We carry out experimental research on molecular spectroscopy.

We mainly explore mid-infrared laser spectroscopy, and focus on the development of new spectroscopic methods and instrumentation. This includes infrared frequency combs and frequency-comb spectroscopy. We use the new methods for both fundamental and applied research – as an example, we have demonstrated some of the most sensitive trace gas measurements in the world, reaching sub-parts-per-trillion detection limits. We also work on spectroscopic imaging, Raman microscopy in particular.

We maintain a broad range of laser and other optical/photonic equipment, including continuous-wave (CW) laser instruments, optical frequency combs (OFC's), a FTIR spectrometer and a Raman-TERS microscope.

More details, news and examples of our recent work can be found at our website.


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