Open positions

Motivated students and postdoctoral scientists with an excellent research background, a creative mindset and eagerness to tackle new endeavours are encouraged to apply.

If no open position exists, we will aspire joint applications to acquire competitive fellowships.

To apply, please supply a CV and potential references and most importantly your motivation for mitochondrial biology.

Christopher Jackson

Enthusiastic about mitochondrial-nuclear signalling and how metabolism shapes structure and vice versa.

Off in the woods in his free-time.


Geoffray Monteuuis

Excited about understanding the complex signalling interactions and intricate links in mitochondrial dysfunction. Enthusiastic about our hypothesis-driven genome-wide CRISPR screen.

Ryan Awadhpersad

Enthusiastic about the mitochondrial ribosome and generation of mitochondrial disease models.

Enthusiastic about metabolic networks and specific metabolic flux in mitochondrial disease and cancer models.

He holds a salaried PhD position in the Doctoral programme in Integrative Life Science.

Suvi Tikkakoski

Enthusiastic about genome-wide CRISPR screening. Specifically excited about mitochondrial membrane potential regulation and tissue-specific mitochondrial dysfunction.

Outside the lab you will most probably find me from the woods either running or skiing - or from the kitchen baking cakes.

Tarja Grundström

Enthusiastic about having a clean and tidy lab environment and smoothly running processes.

Lab Technician